Immediately after finishing my first project Futuri 900CR my mind was already focussed on the next project. A bike really for myself and my driving style. A high performance, extremely light weight supermotard! I already own a Hypermotard 1100, but that bike doesnt come close to a real motard. This bike will be my own design and vision focussed on the real motard experience!

My previous project allowed me to start a “internship” at Biggelaar Special Performance. Over there i can really learn the more intricate stuff like rebuilding/tuning complete engines. This means this project is going to be next level compared to the previous project thanks to their support! Honored!

Donor engine is a 1100DS from a Ducati Multistrada 2008 with 20.000km on the odo. Will only be using the engine.



I managed to source this neglected not so great Ducati Multistrada 1100DS from 2008 with South African and Thai registrations through Biggelaar Performance. No way this bike can be imported easily into the Netherlands. But thats not a problem since the engine is good and low mileage (20.000km), so that alone justified the purchase!

The weird registrations requires me to source another frame with papers to make sure everything is legal in the Netherlands. More on that later.


The plan is to build a super light weight, high performance Supermotard. Performance results will be probably be around 115bhp and 135/140nm torque on the rear wheel :D! The goal concerning weight will be around 160kg WET! Below the current list of parts/work items as of how i have it planned right now.

The whole frame will be build around the Acerbis X-Seat (normally for KTM bikes). This seat has the perfect Supermoto line for the bike! Also has alot of grip haha.

Engine work

  • High compression pistons from Pistal
  • Performance camshafts from Keamna
  • Flowed cylinder heads
  • Increased intake valves to 47mm
  • 50mm throttle bodies
  • Velocity stacks
  • Slipper clutch
  • Healtech quickshifter
  • Milled clutch engine side cover
  • Custom engine mapping
  • Custom 45/50mm stainless exhaust


  • Acerbis X-Seat Soft/Comfort for a KTM


  • Aluminium frame (hopefully i can source this) and a custom build aluminium subframe
  • Ducati Hypermotard 1100 front forks
  • Ducati 999 rear swingarm
  • Forged magnesium/aluminium wheels
  • Brembo monoblock calipers (M4?)


  • Custom wiring loom
  • Motogadget M-unit Blue
  • Motogadget Motoscope Pro
  • Motogadget M-lock
  • Lipo battery to also reduce weight


Yes i love the single sided swingarms on Ducati’s! However they are heavy as fuck. One of the lightest swingarms Ducati ever made was the 999 swingarm (old grey model). Its a bolt on job to fit, so its a no brainer. Also looks like i am one of the few that actually likes the look of this thing haha.

Dont look at the color of the thing. Was able to get it for a good price (thanks Michiel), and it gets painted anyway at the end of the project.


Going for light weight right? Holy shit light weight wheels are expensive and hard to find second hand. I was able to find this set just at the right time for a price my wallet can live with. They are from a Ducati 749S.

I know there are alot of people against using magnesium wheels on the road, and allot of people saying its no problem. Guess im going to find out myself….

Actual weight difference coming as soon as i have the wheels at my place.


Again this bike will get custom decals and a custom paintjob (powder coat combined with wet paint). So i started with the decals for the the name of the bike.

Also some pictures of paint/powdercoatd pieces of the colors i am researching of using.

  • RAL7031, Bluegrey – main color
  • RAL3026, Luminous bright red – supporting color (pinstripe, supermoto style wheel accents etc)
  • White – Decal lettering and possibly as a separator between the Grey and Red
  • Black and Silver – Bolts, seat, buttons etc

UPDATE: Logo will stay the same, but the whole bike will be bare aluminium. Only the wheels and a few accent pieces will be gold anodised together with custom made carbon fiber fairings that will only be coated with clear. Bare build.


Bike looks really good, and also the engine looks amazing. Almost no chipped paint etc. Had some trouble starting up after not running for 1.5 years and a shady grounding lead, but now it runs just fine. Holy shit a wet clutch is quiet. Not used to that anymore haha.

Amazing how much you can break down in just 4 hours of work.


The amazing handling and feal of a Supermoto also comes from the small seat and the ability to move around. I found this great seat,  Acerbis X-Seat normally for a KTM range of bikes. Its a soft comfort seat with amazing grip.

Going to build the whole frame and subframe around this seat. Hopefully the narrownes of the seat isnt going to be a problem on top of the wide engine and frame. Hypermotard 1100 as reference.


The quest for more performance and lightness has started :).


Time to start learning CAD to actually design my own parts. Started on a custom bracket that allows me to mount MX footpegs to any Ducati engine. Currently in contact with a CNC machine shop to start fabricating these pieces.


A late night at Biggelaar Performance to plan the rest of my build. Going to be a balls to the wall all out build!!! A wet weight of 155/160kg is achievable!

Below all the goodies that are sorted so far. 
List is still growing. Thinking of going all out with Titanium bolts, lightweight flywheel, lightweight crank, ISR brake cylinders and calipers…. etc etc.

  • Radical Aluminium Ducati 999 frame (only 4.5kg!) (only 15 build in the whole world)
  • 1098RS WSBK Brembo 6mm thick brake discs
  • Ducabike adjustable slipper clutch with milled out engine cover
  • Brembo M4 monoblock calipers with titanium pistons
  • Ohlins TRX electronicly adjustable shock (going to try to adjust those using my own electronics, i think i figured it out)
  • WhitePower Racing triple tree (only 1.5kg) with magnesium sleeves to fit the fork
  • Hypermotard 1100 front forks
  • 50mm throttle bodys (original 46mm) from a S4R with 1098 injectors
  • 1098 lightweight gears
  • Lightweight alternator from a 749R
  • 1098 wiring loom as a base for the custom loom
  • 2 Paso oil coolers that i am going to modify
  • 848/1098 fuel pump (way smaller then original, going to fit nicely in my custom aluminium fuel cell)
  • Ducabike rear shock height adjuster (needs some modification to extend even more)


Heads are all emptied out, and ready for the headwork like new performance camshafts, porting and increasing the intake valve size. Alternator side bearing will also be coming out so i can block off the oil passage to make sure i can convert the engine from a wet to a dry clutch.

The cases look pretty good, however i think i will be sandblasting everything to make sure everything will look like its new. Since everything is apart anyway, lets go all in. Damn the insides where dirty with old oil.


Managed to source a lightweight crankshaft that needs some work 🙂 (thanks Boelo!). Orignally used in a Ducati Supermono. Side by side with the orginal one. Major difference in weight. I will also be going for a lightweight steel flywheel. Because of this setup i will need go for a trial and error approach on what i find comfortable riding the bike. A lightweight crank and flywheel together with the high compression of a Ducati will engine brake like crazy when closing the throttle. Maybe in combination with the slipper clutch this is going to be fun ;)?!

I will also be installing a 1098 gearbox in my engine. This is because the Multistrada 4th and 5th gear are in a overdrive configuration. This means we now have a close ratio gearbox. Also the 1098 gearbox has lighter gears, hollow gear fork shafts so its a must haha ;). Some really good documentation about Ducati gearing can be found here, Brad the Bike Boy, General Ducati gearing


Im building a system that allows me to control the electronicly adjustable shocks and forks from Öhlins. This makes sure i can use that cool Titanium TTX shock. I now understand how the internals work and ordered some parts to build a controller that just plugs into the unit, reads the current setting and then allows you to change it :D.

My bike wont have this unit installed on the bike, however i will have a connector that the unit can plug into and then control the settings. All to save weight!! I will be selling this unit after it has been completely developed. This way people can actually use these normally unused electronic shocks and forks on projects.

Keep you posted!


All the aluminium stock i need for this project has been delivered. Placed 1 large order that should be enough for the whole project and maybe next haha. The large plate of 2mm is probably enough to build 3 fuel cells haha. Below a list of all the aluminium i ordered.

  • 2mm, 1060 1000x2000mm plate for the custom fuel cell
  • 22×3/20×2/18x3mm, 6060 T6 tube for the top/subframe
  • 25mm, 7075 T6 bar for the custom Ducabike height adjuster insert
  • 65/55mm, 6082 T6 bar for triple tree inserts to fit the custom steering stem
  • 35×10/40×10 6060 T6 tube for the custom made steering stem
  • 30mm, 7075 T6 bar for a custom spacer solution to fit a 999 cantilever shock setup

Love the look of raw aluminium stock!


Toine from Biggelaar Performance reminded me of the amazing brand ISR from Sweden. Holy shit the stuff they make is pure porn!

2 parts are already at my disposal, placing a large order soon to make sure everything brake related (excluding discs) is from ISR :D! Costly but pretty. Will be going for the best adjustable levers/cylinders available. Also perfect for this bike is te option to mount buttons directly to the lever/cylinder assembly. Going to be clean as fuck!

The 4 piston caliper i will be mounting on the rear is normally for a 125cc bike. With some minor adjustments to the 999 caliper plate i can mount this caliper. Hopefully it isnt going to brake to hard with no feel. Will see how it turns out.


Since i will be building my own custom fuel cell with a 1098 fuel pump assembly in it i can go any route i want. Not much of the fuel cell will be visible, and it wont be big. Maybe 8 to 10L?! However the top will be visible in bare aluminium so it needs a pretty, clean and lightweight gas cap. Here we go!

My dad did make a good point. Retro?! It needs a breather hose on top going into the steering stem. Lets see how we solve that later in the build.


I finalised the designs for the custom footpeg brackets! They are going to be CNC machined in China by Mulan Manufactoring Group. Amazing response and customer service so far (thanks Cherry Li!). A full review as soon as the parts arrive! Going to be made out of 6061 aluminium with a natural aluminium color anodisaton.

The brackets are a combined/minimalised version of the original Multistrada and Hypermotard brackets. However my brackets can fit the ISR rear brake cylinder and fit aftermarket footpegs. Took alot of work to make sure the measurements are correct. The original brake and gear lever will be mounted to these brackets.

I ordered MX style footpegs but overlooked the size of them. Holy shit they are big. So not going for those and now i ordered thick 20mm springloaded footpegs that should have more then enough grip.


Ok so this is a challenge but we are getting there. Mounting S4RS 50mm throttle bodys to a 1100DS engine. They are normally not mounted side by side but behind eachother with a linking rod. This means these throttle bodies need alot of work to function side by side with the option to be synced/adjusted. All while using the original intake manifolds since there isnt really much space between the bodys to fit the linking mechanism.

Using a 996 50mm throttle body as a donor for the valves and axles. The axles also need to be heavily modified.

I designed this plate that allows the bodys to be connected to eachother and make sure they cant twist compared to eachother. They also ensure a perfect 75 degree angle.

Things to do? Modify axles, design and create a custom TPS plate, design and create a custom throttle cable mechanism and so on.

Hope the photos and video do it justice. Keep you posted on the progress!


When you think of Motorcross or Supermoto i bet you can name multiple brands that are rooted in that world. For my birthday i got these Renthal Diamond/Waffle grips from my wife Nicole for the bike. Looks good together with the bare aluminium and grips like crazy :D.


Nice! The custom CNC machined rearset brackets and throttle body conversion brackets were delivered today. Machined in China by Mulan Manufactoring Group. Still need to tap holes and fit the levers etc. Keep you posted! 


Got this amazing 4 piston brake caliper from ISR (22-048-OC) that normally is fitted to 125cc bikes or light weight cars such as Formula SAE cars. I hope the brake feel will be good with this setup.

This caliper has exactly the right bolt hole spacing (84mm) for the original caliper bracket from a Ducati 999, however the bracket and caliper needs to be milled back for everything to fit. Looks pretty as fuck on that Marchessini magnesium wheel!


I sourced a Ducabike connecting rod from Biggelaar Special Performance that is able to adjust the height of the bike. Unfortunately the custom bolt isnt long enough. I did some calculations on what the new length should be and starting work on a longer version.

Made out of 7075 T6 aluminium with right and left hand M16 thread on both ends. Waiting for a collet block so i can mill the hex shape that allows adjustment using a wrench.


I always liked the look of automotive oil/fuel lines with AN fittings. So this bike will get that also, using cool reinforced braided oil lines.

Will be welding AN6 fittings on 2 old Ducati Paso oil coolers so everything oil line related will be connected using AN6 fittings.


Let the pictures do it justice….


The first new goodies are arriving. 2 new 46mm intake valves (7mm stem). Its pretty easy to increase the size of the intake valvs by 1mm (originally 45mm) since there is enough room in the valve seat to seat a bigger one. Offcourse the heads need porting to support this.

Toine from Biggelaar Special Performance is also working on the route of modifying Panigale titanium valves (46mm, 6.8mm stem) to fit in the heads. Amounting to a whopping 50gram weight reduction! 


There we go. A new silver aluminium handlebar. Supermoto race spec. The risers for the handlebar also arrived. They only come in black, so i will be re-anodizing them to silver.


I rode the KTM Duke 790 of my dad last summer, and holy shit a quickshifter and blipper is amazing!! I want that on my new bike (excluding blipper) so lets get it sorted. Reallly cool solution by Healtech that is configurable through bluetooth.

With a sensor it recognizes the movement of the gear lever and then just simply cuts the ignition for a X amount. Going to take a while before i mount it, only after finishing the custom wiring loom.


All the stainless parts for the custom exhaust arrived. Going to build a completely custom pie cut exhaust that is going to look amazing. I did order abit to much exhaust dampening wool haha. Can probably build 5 mufflers with this much.

Exhaust is going to be 50.8mm in diameter and the exhaust manifold is immediately going to increase in size from 40mm to 50.8 when exiciting the cylinder heads. Had some custom transition pieces made just for this.

Also going to weld in 2 lambda probe ports (18mm) near both cylinder manifolds to make sure we are actually going to be able to tune this beast :D.


Cant say much about it, but here we go. Pistal high compression 98mm pistons for the 1100DS engine. Going to be crazy combined with the flowed heads and the oversize 46mm intake valves.


I found this gem of a clutch cover second hand on eBay. Dirt cheap and looks like new. Made by CT Moto in a very limited run. Unobtanium now a days. Looks insane with the milled out engine cover.


Last update NOV 2020