My first motorcycle shed build i have ever done. Done some work on other bikes (friends/family), but never this extreme, and never for myself. The bike is called Futuri, a homage to a inspiring project i worked on a few years back.

Heavily inspired by the NCT Predator bike featured on Pipeburn. Oh man i was instantly in love when i saw that bike. 1 year later in July 2019 i started work on my own version of this bike. Not exactly a replica, but heavily inspired.

Not everything is covered but down below you can see almost all steps i have taken.



The original Ducati 750SS Predator bike featured on Pipeburn build by NCT Motorcycles.


The original bike i bought in July 2019. A Ducati 900SS IE (injection) from 1999. It ran, not great, but it ran ;). Only did a short testdrive since i did not know how the quality of the belts were. Also had a horrible noise from the clutch. No cracks at the stearing head.


First thing i wanted to do was to completely check the engine and give it a service. Just to make sure the valve clearances were ok, belts, oil etc etc. First time ever doing this, but thinking with logic and following guides helps allot. 

Throttle body’s were dirty as fuck and the tank had allot of gunk in it. Nothing i could not handle.

The video shows the reason why the clutch was making such a bad noise haha.


Everything clean, checked and serviced it was for time for the first real testdrive. Brake fluids were replaced, new clutch plates and pressure plate also.


Managed to buy a SSSA from a Monster 796. Complete with axle, sprocket, caliper and disc. Also an ugly ass Brembo 3 spoke wheel for temporary fitment.


Started working on the custom subframe and rear shock mount. A challenge to get everything level.

I didnt want the rear shock interfering with the subframe but also didnt want a ugly bulge at the side. So with the rear shock at a slight angle and a notch in the subframe a clean look is achived!


I didnt want the clean look of the tail section and underseat exhaust compromised. So i decided to build a custom license plate holder that mounts the license plate directly on the rear wheel. And maybe also act as a mudguard for a bit.

Wow it was a challenge to get all the piping bend. After some trial and error this is the result. Really satisfied. Custom mounting solution to the SSSA bolts. Removeable license plate by 3 bolts. Also the turn signals will be mounted next to the license plate.


First time building a custom exhaust, and first time building a exhaust using pie cuts :). Was stunned how fast you can build this. Build both exhausts within half a day! However after that welding both exhaust shut…. Holy shit that was allot work!

Exhaust is 51mm steel. Instantly expanding from +/- 40mm to 51 from the headers. Exhaust mufflers have a db killer inside in the video.


I didnt like the superbike/supersport seating position with your knees tucked in. So i moved the footpegs more down and abit back. Created some custom mounts for the rearsets that mount directly to the bottom of the engine.

Rearsets are normally for a Suzuki GSXR. Later going to remove the original mounts from the frame.


Managed to score some new wheels for the front and back. 2 Marchesini’s. Rear from a Hypermotard 796 and front from a 1000SS from 2002. Both rims were bend, and managed to get them professionally straightened.

Also managed to get some new front brake discs from a ST4s (Thanks Gijs). Way better looking then the oldschool discs or the flame discs i mounted.


I like the look of the inspiration bike with the extra bracing in the frame. Is it functional? Not really sure. I have read that these engines tend to crack at the frame mount bolt, so i think some extra bracing cant hurt.

First time working on a mill btw. Loved it!


I want to mount bar end turn signals. However didnt want to break my bank so i got some from our Chinese friends. However the brightness sucks! So i designed some new pcb’s and massively increased the brightness.

Video doesnt do it justice. Left, old – Right, new.


Ok here we go. This was the thing i was worried about the most. Chopping up the gas tank and welding in a new bottom. The tank simply would not fit the bike anymore with the new subframe as you can see in picture nr1.

Marked everything up with a laser level and started grinding. After that created a new tank bottom with fuel pump mounts in place (inside). Drain plug and fuel level sensor mount installed and after that leak testing with the blood red fluids (thanks Tony for your guidance!). Found a few leaks but nothing bad that could not be fixed. Also installed quick release fittings for the hoses.

Dont know what i was so scared of. Allot of work, but totally doable. And now looks way better, however its still not great because of the indentations where normally the rubber padding sits. Back to work on the tank!


With the custom rear shock mounts i needed a clean solution for the hinge for the fuel tank. So it mounts to the subframe from one side. Also fitted a gas spring to keep the tank lifted in the up position. Way cooler right?!


As described above the indentations for the rubber padding just looks shit. So its time to reshape the tank. Pictures down below speak for themself. Filler, sanding, liquid filler, base coat.


With the new single sided swingarm installed the sprocket alignment was offcourse not right. I found a company that was able to build me a custom offset sprocket. A total offset of 5mm. Normally a 900ss has a 520 chain, but now it takes a 525 chain and alignes perfectly!

Also moved down from 15 teeth to 14. Loses abit of top speed but gains torque.


I want the handlebars as clean as possible. Running wires through the clip-ons etc. Our chinese friends hooked me up with some cool handlebar switches and grips. The Motogadget Motoscope Pro finishes the job. Looks really clean for now.

I also did not want a stupid magnet fitted to my rim to get a speedo readout. I managed to find a conversion sensor that converts the original speedo reading to a digital signal directly at the wheel. Way cleaner.

Still need to fit the bar end turn signals and mirrors.


My first time ever working with fiberglass…. And i chose a really difficult shape to start with. The small rear fairing. A single fiberglass piece that needs to slide onto the end of the subframe.

I created a puck to use as a base for the fiberglass. Love the end result, but holy shit this was a lot of work. So glad it is done…. Almost! Still needs some filler but after thats it done.

Also integrated the seat latching mechanism within the piece.



Again our chinese friends to the rescue. Cool headlight that normally mounts to Jeep bullbars haha. Created a custom bracket that allows the headlight to mount to the triple clamp.

Tried a few positions for the headlight, but this seems to be the best look. Like the nice sleek look of the light.


Time for the seat. I created the seatpan using fiberglass. As you can see i made a cutout that allows for some extra space around the exhaust due to heat.

The foam is Polypress SG120 that is going to be lined with Alcantara. Between the Polypress and Alcantara is going to be Polyether SG40 to make sure it has a nice smooth look. Used a grinder to get the foam into shape. Holy shit the dust!!!

The seatpan mounts to the subframe using 2 clip thingies in the front, and locks to the rear fairing using a custom made locking pin.


Offcourse i needed a clean solution to pop the seat out to allow for the fuel tank to open up. I created a custom release mechanism/handle that allows you to pop the seat with just a quick pull of the handle. Grab below the seat and pull.

Love inventing and building stuff like this!


The gold brake/clutch cylinders just dont match the look of the bike. So i cleaned everything and sandblasted the casings. Going to be painted grey before the end of the project.


And again the quest for simplicity. The 900SS from 1999 has a ugly mounting solution for the front fender using plastic rings clamping the fork. No go for me.

I epoxy’ed steel plates in the front forks (the side not visible) with threaded holes. This allowed me to build a bracket that holds the fender and custom fork guards. This solution isnt really visible from the side. Let alone when its painted black.

Grinded up the original fender to a nice small clean design.

Alignment of fork guards still needs some work as you can see.


I called this bike Futuri and that means it needs some cool custom stickers ;). I designed everything myself and had them custom made in the same color the frame is going to be painted. RAL1023 Trafficsign Yellow.

My signature is going to be put somewhere beneath the tank.


I love the Motogadget stuff and the m-unit. However they are pricey and i dont need all the features. So why not build a custom one myself with only the features that i need? I want to manage the lights (pass,hi,low) with 1 button and the kill/ignition with 1 switch. This so i can reduce clutter on the handles and use as little buttons as possible. All done! Waiting for smaller parts and solid state relays and then all move it into a waterproof box.
Left handle:
  • Pass, 1 single press (auto flash 3 times)
  • Lo-beam, double press
  • Hi-beam, long press (1 press hi-beam off)
Right handle:
  • Ignition, long press to start ignition
  • Kill switch, double press to activate or deactivate
This device imitates button presses on the steering wheel and needs to be wired in the loom to the original contact points of the buttons. From the handlebar only 2 button wires run to this device.


Since we are going for a black and yellow look i want the clutch to be completely black. Black pressure plate, spring and bolts. Got some Ducabike springs and managed to source black hex bolts.

Clean AF!


Build a fiberglass tray that fits under the fuel tank to store the battery and all the electronics. Trying to fit as much stuff in the tray and under the tank to make sure you can see right trough the frame without any cables.


I wanted a keyless ignition solution from the start of the project. Way cleaner! However i didnt want to break my bank at the beginning and looked for cheaper alternatives.

  • First off i tried to develop the hard and software myself using Arduino. No-go. Not safe and failproof enough..
  • I found a kit that did exactly the same as the Motogadget solution however in a larger package for a way lower price. After some trial and error it just wasnt the right way to go. Also since i didnt have much space for electronics.

So here we are…. Doing the first tests with a Motogadget kit i bought haha. Holy shit its small!

Going to be fitted within the rear fiberglass fairing.


The whole bike is going to get new bolts (and some nuts 😉 ). Replacing everything with stainless! Beatifull!


First off my plan was to go with just clear tygon tubing for brake reservoirs. However it looked like shit… So back to regular brake reservoirs :). Had some trouble finding the correct placement, since i didnt want them to high above the clip ons. Found a good compromise. Might have some trouble with air bubbles rising up in the system and getting stuck in the hose since the reservoir output is lower then the cylinder input. Made some custom aluminium brackets. Lets see in practice if it works :).


Working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak somehow makes sure i make abit more progress on the project. Guess having no traveltime to work makes a big difference :). Finished a bunch of small jobs that needed be done while waiting for some parts.

  • Finished up wiring the license plate holder with turn signals and light.
  • Ordered and received a custom transparant frame sticker. Going on the yellow subframe. A redesign of the original sticker containing the frame number and maximum amount of decibels. Increased those number abit ;). Also went for a new vehicle code.
  • Leak tested the fuel tank with the fittings installed. I need to start the bike up soon to start rewiring the bike.
  • Installed the new gas cap.
  • And allot more small stuff i dont have pictures off….


I have got the whole wiring diagram memorized and now its time to start rerouting, cutting, shortening and extending wires :). Building a whole custom wiring loom that mostly is not going to be visible.

Also again a custom sticker. The fuse box has a new layout and extra fuses so a new sticker was needed :).


Custom made brackets/mounting solution for the mirrors. Needed a custom solution so I could also fit the bar end turn signals. Off course going to be coated black.


Made a completely new SSSA axle. Because of the SSSA it needs bracing at the end of the axle so the engine block wont crack. I don’t want a standard solution mounting to the frame and the regular axle just doesn’t work for me. It’s going to be mounted just like a Monster 6969/796 to the foot pegs bracket, just not with the bulky ugly brackets .


Just checking the lines of the bike out of the shed in the sun. Testing the new custom wiring loom before i start taking everything apart again.


Last update: May 2020